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21st Century Skills are an essential part of education today, and we understand that educators want simple tools. Click here to learn more about our assessments.

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Looking for resources to help you teach 21st Century Skills? We have compiled lists of resources and curriculum to help teachers at all levels enhance their lesson plans.

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Our research-based assessments are designed to evaluate students’ knowledge and skills of the 21st Century Skills framework of the nationally recognized Iowa Core Curriculum. Additionally, the assessments employ all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, align with NCREL enGauge 21st Century Skills, and utilize Character Counts terminology and ethics. Our questions address higher-order thinking skills such as problem-solving, analysis, and evaluation, not just general knowledge.

We offer a variety of assessments, all of which have undergone extensive statistical analysis in partnership with researchers at Iowa State University. Our assessments address the following 21st Century Skills areas:

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Our assessments are designed to provide an accurate gauge of your student’s abilities. Our reports provide an in-depth look at the data, breaking the information down based upon established categories. Compare answers of all students; determine strengths and weaknesses; sort data and results to your preference. We make it easy and understandable.

Although we concentrate on assessments, we also strive to help you meet your curriculum goals. We have compiled a list of quality professional development, curriculum, and teaching resources to supplement your initiatives. Use these to best complement your areas of strengths and weaknesses.

It is our goal to help all students achieve the skills necessary for success in the 21st Century. Use our platform and resources to find baseline data, measure progress, and evaluate changes to curriculum.