Ednalysis is a small, private business based in central Iowa. Our staff is all originally from Iowa schools large and small.  The development team brings a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds to the company. Our staff includes a K-12 educator with an MS in curriculum and instruction, a project manager with a BS in engineering, a Web programmer with a BS in computer science, and a former Peace Corps volunteer with an MBA in international business. Additionally, Ednalysis has collaborated with faculty from Iowa State University’s statistics department and the College of Human Sciences during the development and piloting of our assessments.

Our assessments are based on the Iowa Core Curriculum’s 21st Century Skills.  We have built our system in order to provide useful assessment data to schools, AEA representatives, and community colleges. The assessments and corresponding reports that we supply are intended to aid educators in making instructional decisions without pushing them to purchase additional, unnecessary curriculum products. We believe that educators know best when it comes to their curriculum needs.  Our goal is to help educators improve their teaching and staff development efforts with a simple solution that is affordable to even the smallest schools.

Thank you for your time and interest in Ednalysis!