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Financial Literacy

  • National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)
    Provides free curriculum and manuals broken into individual units for students and instructors. Offers other resources to aid schools with financial education.
  • Family Economics and Financial Education (FEFE)
    Offers lesson plans and classroom materials for teaching financial topics. Trains teachers for money management instruction at their own schools.
  • Iowa Financial Literacy Program
    Provides interactive financial literacy curriculum for Iowa high school students and teachers. Users must have an Iowa login through I Have a Plan Iowa to access the resource.
  • Practical Money Skills for Life
    Provides online financial games and activities for a range of ages along with lesson plans for instructors. Posts videos that address some of the main financial literacy topics.
  • MoneySKILL
    Provides an online course on personal finance designed for real life situations. Challenges students through an interactive curriculum and frequent evaluation.
    Addresses current financial topics through online articles and postings. Details how certain life events affect individuals financially.
  • SEC Roadmap to Saving & Investing
    Analyzes the steps and techniques required for proper saving. Breaks down investment choices and how to plan ahead financially.

Technology Literacy

  • Intel Education
    Tools and resources that help K–12 teachers engage students with effective use of technology. Online applications that engage students in higher order thinking skills and can be integrated into a variety of content areas.
  • Microsoft Education
    Lesson plans and resources for integrating technology into a variety of content areas.
  • The Critical Thinking Community
    Resources and Links to articles with suggestions for realigning lessons to incorporate critical thinking.
  • Project Lead the Way
    A hands-on curriculum that addresses problem solving and creativity through technology and engineering concepts. Grants are available to aid in the cost of implementation.

Health Literacy

  • Media Smart Youth – Eat, Think, and Be Active
    Curriculum and facilitator’s guides available for download, intended for teens. Focused on evaluating media and its impact on students’ nutrition and fitness choices.
  • FNEP Jump Into Foods and Fitness
    Curriculum intended for elementary students incorporating self-evaluation of personal nutrition and physical activity.
  • Take Charge of Your Health
    20 page booklet for teens with advice on how to take small steps to keep a healthy weight. Gives basic facts about nutrition and physical activity.
  • Nutrition Essentials
    6 lesson plans intended for middle and high school students that incorporates use of MyPyramid for nutrition decisions.
  • Rate What You Ate
    3 lesson plans for high school students incorporating the online interactive MenuPlanner associated with MyPyramid.
  • PBS Teachers Media Literacy
    Resources and lessons for teaching media literacy K-12. Lessons can be sorted to find those related to nutrition and fitness at desired academic level.
  • National Institute of Health Portion Distortion Quiz
    Interactive quiz that tests students’ knowledge of how food portion sizes have changed during the last 20 years and the amount of additional physical activity needed to offset the extra calories.

Employability Skills

Fine Print

Ednalysis is providing these links as resources for educators. Ednalysis has not partnered and does not endorse any of the resources or materials listed on this page. In general, these resources are intended as a supplement to your existing curriculum.

Due to it’s close relationship to the social sciences, Civic Literacy has been excluded from our 21st Century Skills offerings.